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The first thing you can expect from Milliseconds is a crew that is professional and dependable. We work diligently to produce accurate results in a timely manner. You can also expect to have some fun along the way. We enjoy what we do and like contributing to the success of your event.

Basic race timing

All timing services start with basic race timing. We capture the start time (either gun start or chip start) and capture the finish time of each participant. For triathlons and other events that require interval times, we capture those as well. From this point, you can add on features such as text messaging, announcer feed, streaming internet results etc.

Finish Line Arch

Inflatable Finish Line Arch adds professionalism to your event. Arch has tie point for sponsor banners. Dimensions: 19' tall x 22' wide x 5' deep.

Text Messaging

Text message results can be sent to competitors, family and friends almost instantly. A participant's mother in Seattle WA could receive results from a racer who has crossed the finish line in Miami FL, in about 10 seconds! Text messaging can also be used as a tool in races such as an endurance relay. Racers who are later in the relay can be notified of their team's progress and be ready to go.

Live Streaming

We can post results live to the internet as the event is on-going, as well as make the immediate venue a wireless hotspot so anybody with internet enabled devices can look up results instantly.

Packet Preparation

Let us take the hassle out of putting all those packets together. Milliseconds can put together your packets; with participant info, sponsor logos etc. printed directly on the packets. Inside will be bib numbering, timing chip and whatever else you would to have in the packets. We will arrive at your event prior to packet pick up, with the packets arranged alphabetically and ready to handed out.


There are many aspects of event production, much more than just timing. Our staff, having been to hundreds of events and having first hand experience in putting on events, we know what works and what doesn't.

Database Management

Milliseconds can manage your database, download online registrations, and provide you reports in virtually any format required. This also ensures a smooth integration in the data to results process.

Data Entry Pre-Event and Race Day

In conjunction with database management, we can key in hard copy entries as they come in prior to the event, as well as on race day.

Display Clocks

Milliseconds uses single and double sided display clocks at finish lines so that participants and spectators will be able to see unofficial times.

Announcer Feed

We provide a laptop for the announcer to read off the name of participants as they cross the finish line.

Internet Posting of Results

Every event we time will have results posted on our website, in the most timely manner possible. Many times we post the results before we leave the race venue.

Milliseconds Pro

We have for sale our proprietary software. Click here for more information.