Burley Lions Spudman Triathlon


PlBibName RepresentingAge Division Interval TimeTime BackTotal Time
1382Ken STEPHENSRUPERT ID11 M 65 and over01:08:40.99101:29:17.841
2624Robert BLOOMERPAYSON UT11 M 65 and over01:14:07.61200:05:26.62101:37:00.199
3255Ross BUTLEROREM UT11 M 65 and over01:17:27.56800:08:46.57701:41:39.296
41446Sterling LARSONSALT LAKE CITY UT11 M 65 and over01:18:00.30400:09:19.31301:43:44.615
5545Gene HOFELINGSALT LAKE CITY UT11 M 65 and over01:18:39.07900:09:58.08801:47:45.654