Burley Spudman


PlBibName RepresentingAge Division Interval TimeTime BackTotal Time
1374Larry PETERSENSalt Lake City UT USA11 M 65 and Over00:17:42.320+00:00:00.0000:17:42.320
2376Charley FRENCHKetchum ID USA11 M 65 and Over00:18:52.730+00:01:10.4100:18:52.730
3375Dick ARNERSLC UT USA11 M 65 and Over00:21:01.630+00:03:19.3100:21:01.630
4371John CAHILLSalt Lake City UT USA11 M 65 and Over00:28:13.500+00:10:31.1800:28:13.500
5372Dennis JOHNSONSandy UT USA11 M 65 and Over00:29:12.130+00:11:29.8100:29:12.130