2004 Burley Lions Spudman Triathlon


PlBibName RepresentingAge Division Interval TimeTime BackTotal Time
3260Lee WALSEROGDEN UT USA11 M 65 and Over00:00:48.800+00:00:00.0001:49:59.800
1712Lawrence BRADSHAWMAPLETON UT USA11 M 65 and Over00:01:36.400+00:00:00.0001:39:00.400
7716Paul SCHOOLCRAFTGUERNSEY WY USA11 M 65 and Over00:02:10.800+00:00:00.0002:09:05.400
4342Kaye NELSONHURRICANE UT USA11 M 65 and Over00:02:47.200+00:00:00.0001:55:29.700
278Larry PETERSENSALT LAKE CITY UT USA11 M 65 and Over00:03:05.200+00:00:00.0001:46:29.300
6461Tom CARLYLEPOCATELLO ID USA11 M 65 and Over00:03:10.300+00:00:00.0002:01:55.300
8276David TAYLORSALT LAKE CITY UT USA11 M 65 and Over00:03:11.600+00:00:00.0002:27:01.900
5468John CAHILLSALT LAKE CITY UT USA11 M 65 and Over00:05:18.700+00:00:00.0001:56:30.600