Bend Salmon Run - 2014


PlBibNameRepresenting Age DivisionLapsFinal TimeTime BackPaceAdjustment
1498Athena PETERSON5k F 19 and under000:25:23.800:00:00.0008:11.5
2385Dagny DONOHUE5k F 19 and under000:27:56.300:02:32.5009:00.7
2546Megan MCCLEARY5k F 19 and under000:27:56.300:02:32.5009:00.7
4496Micaela MILLER5k F 19 and under000:29:05.800:03:42.0009:23.2
5495Chloe MILLER5k F 19 and under000:29:06.900:03:43.1009:23.5
6533Emily HOBBS5k F 19 and under000:29:12.300:03:48.5009:25.3
7501Isabel RODHOUSE5k F 19 and under000:30:35.800:05:12.0009:52.2
8494Kalle MILLER5k F 19 and under000:33:25.500:08:01.70010:46.9
9499Ella PETERSON5k F 19 and under000:35:09.300:09:45.50011:20.4
10491Sue Ann MARSH5k F 19 and under000:35:25.200:10:01.40011:25.5
11490Adin LYDERS5k F 19 and under000:43:18.900:17:55.10013:58.4
12487Paige GREGG5k F 19 and under000:47:54.500:22:30.70015:27.3
13497Kinsey OLARREA5k F 19 and under000:47:55.000:22:31.20015:27.4
502Keely SCOTT5k F 19 and under0DNF00:00.0
380Shaelynn DAVIS5k F 19 and under0DNS00:00.0
492Megan MCCLEARY5k F 19 and under0DNS00:00.0