Bend Salmon Run - 2014


PlBibNameRepresenting Age DivisionLapsFinal TimeTime BackPaceAdjustment
1205Roa PEDRAZA10k F 19 and under000:55:07.500:00:00.0008:53.5
2118Mikayla BROWNING10k F 19 and under000:56:59.900:01:52.4009:11.6
3208Ali POUGIALES10k F 19 and under000:57:19.700:02:12.2009:14.8
4273Phia SMITH10k F 19 and under001:06:17.000:11:09.50010:41.5
5272Emma SMITH10k F 19 and under001:06:17.300:11:09.80010:41.5
6271Carrie PRICE10k F 19 and under001:11:02.000:15:54.50011:27.4
7274Penny YOST10k F 19 and under001:15:12.100:20:04.60012:07.8
8268Katelyn JOLLEY10k F 19 and under001:23:39.900:28:32.40013:29.7
207Kei-ali POLK10k F 19 and under0DNS00:00.0