Bend Salmon Run - 2014


PlBibNameRepresenting Age DivisionLapsFinal TimeTime BackPaceAdjustment
1247Russell TAYLOR10k M 19 and under000:41:17.000:00:00.0006:39.5
2269Magnus LARGENT10k M 19 and under000:46:38.900:05:21.9007:31.4
3163Richard IOANE10k M 19 and under000:48:03.700:06:46.7007:45.1
4197Gerardo OLVERA10k M 19 and under000:49:21.800:08:04.8007:57.7
5236Dylan SIMS10k M 19 and under000:50:01.800:08:44.8008:04.2
6246Josiah SUTPHIN10k M 19 and under000:51:15.300:09:58.3008:16.0
7185Bradly MCKAY10k M 19 and under000:52:46.500:11:29.5008:30.7
8181Noel MARTINEZ10k M 19 and under000:54:28.900:13:11.9008:47.2
9182Forrest MCCAULEY10k M 19 and under001:01:58.000:20:41.0009:59.7
10240Wendall SMITH10k M 19 and under001:02:32.200:21:15.20010:05.2
11270John MCFARLANE10k M 19 and under001:04:08.800:22:51.80010:20.8
12307Bryce WHITE10k M 19 and under001:15:11.800:33:54.80012:07.7
196Quinn OLARREA10k M 19 and under0DNS00:00.0