Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon


PlBibNameRepresenting Age DivisionLapsFinal TimeTime BackPaceAdjustment
14331Carter COUGHLIN5K M 14 and under000:21:09.200:00:00.000
25349Michael SHULTZ5K M 14 and under000:21:54.100:00:44.900
35128Ridge PALMER5K M 14 and under000:22:43.600:01:34.400
44046Jacob AYLWARD5K M 14 and under000:23:00.700:01:51.500
54067Andrew BARRSWEETWATER CROSS COUNTRY5K M 14 and under000:23:48.700:02:39.500
65565Will VINEYARDFAIRVIEW BAPTIST TABERNACLE5K M 14 and under000:23:49.400:02:40.200
75491Jacob TANKERSLEY5K M 14 and under000:23:50.700:02:41.500
84646Taylor HILL5K M 14 and under000:24:02.500:02:53.300
94096Briscoe BILDERBACK5K M 14 and under000:24:09.200:03:00.000
104501Brayden FULTON5K M 14 and under000:24:21.800:03:12.600
114190Noah BURNETT5K M 14 and under000:24:40.200:03:31.000
125088Logan NIZINSKI5K M 14 and under000:24:48.200:03:39.000
134109Davis BLAKE5K M 14 and under000:24:49.900:03:40.700
144031Jake ARNOLD5K M 14 and under000:26:21.100:05:11.900
154717Jackson INGRAM5K M 14 and under000:26:38.100:05:28.900
164820Adam KLINKER5K M 14 and under000:27:16.200:06:07.000
174628Stephen HENDERSON5K M 14 and under000:28:02.600:06:53.400
184158Nick BROTHERS5K M 14 and under000:28:17.900:07:08.700
194065Cory BARNES5K M 14 and under000:29:24.100:08:14.900
205550Riley VANCE5K M 14 and under000:29:47.100:08:37.900
215295Austin RUSSELL5K M 14 and under000:30:00.200:08:51.000
224678Kiser HORNE5K M 14 and under000:31:39.900:10:30.700
235581Jacob WARDTEAM ABSOLUTE FITNESS5K M 14 and under000:33:11.200:12:02.000
244148Jack BRISTOLTEAM ADOPTION5K M 14 and under000:33:26.000:12:16.800
255034Will MITCHELL5K M 14 and under000:33:28.400:12:19.200
264737Chad JARNIGANAFSC LIFESAVERS5K M 14 and under000:34:08.800:12:59.600
275037Michael MOCSARIAFSC LIFESAVERS5K M 14 and under000:34:11.200:13:02.000
284895Jackson LLOYD5K M 14 and under000:34:37.400:13:28.200
295683Conner YOUNGSWEETWATER CROSS COUNTRY5K M 14 and under000:34:38.600:13:29.400
304254Hayden CHEEK5K M 14 and under000:37:40.600:16:31.400
315718Max YATES5K M 14 and under000:38:31.800:17:22.600
324544Dorian GRAVES5K M 14 and under000:38:55.500:17:46.300
334341James COX5K M 14 and under000:40:16.200:19:07.000
344563Michael GRIBBLE5K M 14 and under000:41:36.500:20:27.300
354487Tristan FOX5K M 14 and under000:45:40.600:24:31.400
364486Joseph (jr.) FOX5K M 14 and under000:45:42.700:24:33.500
375149Adam PENNINGTONVOLUNTEER FEDERAL5K M 14 and under000:50:00.300:28:51.100
385612Anthony WERT5K M 14 and under000:50:09.700:29:00.500
394017Jeffrey ALLMAN5K M 14 and under000:51:50.500:30:41.300
404665Andrew HOLT5K M 14 and under000:52:19.800:31:10.600
415495Cole TAYLOR5K M 14 and under000:54:58.500:33:49.300
425712Calvin SANTIAGO5K M 14 and under000:55:39.600:34:30.400
435606Brian WEINSTEIN5K M 14 and under000:57:27.600:36:18.400
445605Andrew WEINSTEINRADIO SYSTEMS CORPORATION 5K TEAM5K M 14 and under000:58:08.500:36:59.300
455426Matthew STALLINGSRADIO SYSTEMS CORPORATION 5K TEAM5K M 14 and under001:00:12.700:39:03.500
464426Aidan ELDRIDGETEAM ADOPTION5K M 14 and under001:02:16.700:41:07.500
474428Pate ELDRIDGETEAM ADOPTION5K M 14 and under001:02:16.800:41:07.600
485821Anna HADIAN5K M 14 and under001:02:29.400:41:20.200
5344Luke SHOFFNER5K M 14 and under0DNF00:00.0
4149Paul BRISTOLTEAM ADOPTION5K M 14 and under0DNS00:00.0
5915Aaron CLURE5K M 14 and under0DNS00:00.0
4427Coulter ELDRIDGETEAM ADOPTION5K M 14 and under0DNS00:00.0
4466Malachi FINE5K M 14 and under0DNS00:00.0
4972Seth MCCLELLANCOMCAST 5K TEAM5K M 14 and under0DNS00:00.0
5296Sam RUSSELL5K M 14 and under0DNS00:00.0